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Welcome to Woodbury T-Shirt – from $14.95



“57 Channels and nothing on.”

Any true fan of the Walking Dead television show or comic knows Woodbury is a haven. Those fans also know this small town is full of the Governor’s dark little secrets. Take for example, his fun aquarium hobby.

This zombie t-shirt features an image of a wooden sign that reads, “Welcome to Woodbury Georgia: We always keep our heads!” It also has just a touch of blood dripping down from the lower right corner.

This zombie related t-shirt makes a great The Walking Dead gift. It’s a perfect inside joke only fans of The Walking Dead will understand.  Outsiders will simply be left wondering what the heck  it all means!  Either way this is a great t-shirt sure to spark some conversations.

This Walking Dead inspired t-shirt is available in men’s fit in sizes small through 2XL f or just $14.95. You can even choose from over 10 t-shirt colors! Ladies you aren’t left out either. Women’s fit is available in sizes small through XL for just $17.95. Add $4.00 for 2XL in women’s fit.

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