Whirligig Zombie Spinner – Zombie yard spinner

If you’re looking for the perfect way to add some fun zombie themed color and motion to your yard or garden this is the perfect solution! This whirligig zombie spinner will be right at home in your landscape. Simply follow the quick assembly instructions and stick this zombie in your lawn, landscaping, garden or more. Even with a gentle breeze the zombies light and durable arms will whirl and spin around in the wind. Imagine how cool a horde of these bad boys will look on your lawn!

Whirligig Zombie Spinner
Whirligig Zombie spinner zombie lawn spinner

Need to make the neighborhood laugh at Halloween? Want to be the talk of the town? Need to keep the crows away from your garden? One, or 12, of these guys will do the trick for sure! Each of these adorable zombie gifts features a funny looking zombie with a set of two pinwheel arms that spin around in the wind. The design is cute enough it won’t scare the kiddos and still zombie enough to please any mature fan of the walking dead.


Two Different Sizes to Choose From:

These zombie yard spinners are available in two different sizes: a 20 inch diameter and a 28 inch. The 20 inch measures approximately 7 inches by 19.75 inches with a diameter of 20 inches. The larger 28 inch version of this zombie yard spinner measures in at 10 inches by 28 inches with a 25.5 diameter.


Durable Construction:

Each zombie yard decoration is made with durable 100% UV resistant Suntex Fabric. Suntex is a fabric commonly used to make awnings, marine boat tops and more. It’s durable and made for continued and prolonged outdoor exposure. This zombie product also features a durable fiberglass support pole with ground stake.

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