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You probably start your day with a nice hot cup of coffee. Sometimes in the afternoon you need a kickstart or a “pick me up” so you’ll order up your favorite latte. Zombies are a different animal. They enjoy treating themselves too, but they’ve always preferred brains. There’s nothing like a fresh and warm cup of brains to get a zombie moving.

This hilarious zombie t-shirt features a zombie version of a logo we all know and love.  It features the worlds “Zombie” and “Brainz” in a very cool distressed looking circle logo that appears to be dripping and oozing down the shirt. Certainly puts you in the mood for coffee and brains!

This zombie shirt is available in Mens fit, Women’s fit and even hoodies! A black t-shirt is shown here, but  you can choose from a variety of shirt colors to suit your tastes and make this a truly personal zombie tee!

Each shirt features 4.5 ounce combed cotton construction for a super soft and super comfortable feel.  Double needle construction means these zombie gifts are stylish and durable.  Pricing starts under $23 so make this shirt part of your zombie wardrobe today!

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NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Unfortunately, this zombie gift is no longer available. Feel free to click the image, link or button here to double check availability since it may change in the future. The good news is there are plenty more awesome zombie t-shirt designs out there to pick from!

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