Zombie 15′ Board Game: 15 Minutes to Survive

Zombie 15 Zombie Gift board game

Zombie 15′ Board Game


With Zombie 15′, the exciting new zombie themed board game from IELLO games, you’ve got 15 minutes to survive.  This innovate and fresh take on the zombie board game genre moves at a frantic pace.

Everyone above the age of 18 has turned into a flesh craving zombie and most of the very young have already been eaten.  It is now up to a small group of 15 year old teenagers to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Players must cooperate and work together to escape relentless hordes of zombies. You’ll need to find shelter, food and other survivors to survive and in order to discover the truth behind the mysterious zombie plague.

This zombie board game is recommended for ages 8 years old and up.  It features very easy to understand rules and real decisions that need to be made as quickly as possible . . . unless you LIKE being overcome by hordes of the undead.  The game features a 15 minute soundtrack on CD to help set pace and tempo, a 15 scenario campaign, and much more!
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