Zombie 5K Zombie T-Shirt

We can all make a difference with the “Shamble to the Cure”. Show your support for zombies, and running, with this awesome 5K Zombie T-shirt.

5K zombie t-shirt shamble to the cure zombie 5k3rd Annual Shamble to the Cure 5K Zombie T-Shirt


Zombie walks, Zombie obstacle courses and zombie 5K’s are all the rage now. Fortunately these are usually humans running from zombie actors for fun or a great cause. Actual zombies don’t want to be left out of the action. As a result, they’re getting in on the charity action too. Take for example, the zombie 5k: The shamble to the cure. Classic zombies aren’t much for running but they’ll shamble a 5k.

This funny zombie t-shirt features a fun and funny zombie “runner” who is doing his best to shamble to the cure. Instead of “braaaains” he’s moaning “rrrraaaaaaace” which only adds ot the zombie runner humor.  These shirts are available in men’s fit (sizes small through 3XL) and women’s fit (small through XL). They’re affordable too! Pick up this affordable and unique zombie shirt today!

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