Zombie Apocalypse Magnets

Zombie Apocalypse Magnets

Zombie Apocalypse Magnets


Turn your refrigerator, filing cabinet, toolbox (or any surface suitable for magnets) into a fun world being overrun by the undead.  Have fun creating your own scenes straight out of the zombie apocalypse.  With your purchase you’ll get four sheets of die cut zombie magnet awesomeness.

Your set of zombie apocalypse magnets will include the following magnets:

  • 7 propane tank magnets
  • 12 Molotov cocktails
  • 2 Flaming Barrels
  • 1 Car with “Zombies Ahead” painted on it
  • 2 Trash Dumpsters
  • 2 Flaming barrels
  • 1 Burning Body
  • 1 Burning Skull
  • 1 Watchtower complete with two survivors and one zombie
  • 1 Horde of 5 zombies
  • 7 Stand alone zombie magnets
  • 7 stand alone survivor magnets
  • 2 zombies slumped over concrete Jersey road barriers
  • 1 Barbwire fence with a horde of zombies behind it

Zombie Apocalypse Magnet Set


Each sheet of zombie magnets measures approximately 7 3/4″ by 6 1/4″ and the individual character magnets measure approximately 2.25 inches tall.  Priced under $10, this affordable zombie gift makes the perfect gift for any budget.


PRODUCT AVAILABILITY UPDATE: January, 2018. It appears this product, a ThinkGeek Exclusive, is no longer available. Feel free to click the links, images or button below to verify ability. Or view other similar products below.

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