Zombie Arms Car Magnet

zombie gifts - zombie arm car magnet set

Zombie Arms Car Magnet


Decorate your car, truck, SUV or other zombie response vehicle with these zombie arm car magnets. You’ll look just like you’re carting around a member of the living dead with these fun and frightening magnets. These gross decaying zombie hands feature yellow and green fingernails, gray decaying flesh and what remains of a shirt at their base.

These magnets can be placed near your vehicle’s doors, windows, trunk or other area to produce some scares, stares and laughs from passersby.

Of course these zombie arm magnets aren’t exclusively for your vehicle. You can also use them on your refrigerator, file cabinet, appliances, tool boxes and more. If a magnet will stick to it you can have some fun with these zombie arm magnets. This zombie gift measures approximately 10 inches high by 4 inches wide.

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