Zombie Banana Costume

Do you need the perfect unique zombie costume? Zombie costumes may have been to death, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take your zombie costume game to the next level. This simple and affordable Rasta Imposta Zombie banana costume is sure to please! Be the star at Halloween or your next costume party with this awesome creation.Zombie Banana costume

Zombie Banana Costume 

Apparently when z-day comes, the virus responsible won’t just affect humans and animals. It looks like fruits are fair game too! If you’ve never feared bananas before, here’s your reason!

This zombie costume is made to look just like a zombie banana. This banana has more than a few bad spots. He’s got missing teeth, a peel that’s been stitched back together and even an eyeball dangling from its eye socket.

Made of soft 100% polyester polyfoam, this costume is available in a “one size fits most adults” for adults. It’s also available in children’s sizes as well. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and dress up as a bunch of rotting zombie bananas!

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