Zombie Christmas Ornament Set

Zombie Christmas Ornament Set

Set of 4 Zombie Christmas Ornaments


Are you planning on a zombie themed Christmas tree this Holiday season? You know we are here at ZombeGift.com! We can’t wait to add this set of 4 zombie ornaments to the branches of our Holiday tree.

This set of four zombie Christmas ornaments is the perfect addition to you zombie themed Holiday decorations. This set features four different zombified ornaments crafted out of durable resin. Each set features four different ornaments. There’s a zombie Santa Claus, a zombie Reindeer, a zombified elf and even one bloody and gory zombie snowman.
Each ornament measures approximately three inches tall and is sure to add a touch of zombie class and style to any tree or other Christmas decorations.

Each of these ornaments features plenty of gore and blood splatter to add to the festive undead fun. Pick up a set of these ornaments today! They’re priced under $20 for a set of four making them affordable enough to purchase a couple sets for your tree or extra sets for friends and family. For ordering details click the image or link above or use the “buy now” button below.

Update on Product Availability:┬áThis zombie gift is no longer available. We aren’t sure if, or when, it will return. This item was a ThinkGeek exclusive available for a limited period of time. This may change in the future, so feel free to try the links provided here or the button below to check the current status.


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