Zombie Crash T-Shirt

Zombie Crash T-ShirtZombie Crash Zombie T-shirt

This is the last view you want to look up and see after a car crash.   This awesome zombie t-shirt features the image of a man just after a car crash. Through a cracked windshield we see zombies eager to get a taste of his living flesh. From the look in the rear view mirror our unlucky driver is terrified and justifiably so.  Printed with a special unique printing process, this 100% cotton medium weight cotton t-shirt is sure to provide enjoyment for years to come.

This beautiful zombie t-shirt design is available in sizes small through 5XL and is priced starting at $20.00. Click the image or link above, or the button below to order.

Buy Now Button Zombie Road Trip Board Game

Product Availability Update: It appears this zombie t-shirt is no longer available. We’ll update the links in this post if this changes. For now the links on this page will take you to similar awesome zombie gifts.



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