Zombie Desk Organizer – Numskull Zombie Desk Tidy

If you’re looking to keep your desk tidy, this zombie desk organizer has your back! It’s ready for action at home, at the office, in your dorm, or even in your safehouse. No matter where you work or play you’ve got to keep that work surface clean and organized. Do it with the help of this zombie desk tidy. Use it to store pens, pencils, paperclips and other office supplies. Need to jot down that perfect idea or phone number? The included zombie themed sticky notes are ready for all your brainstorming greatness. The unique and fun design is a great conversation starter too.

This zombie gift is sure to please a student, office worker or any fan of the undead. This compact, all in one organizer is constructed of durable plastic. It features a fun zombie themed skull design. The front of the cup style organizer boasts a zombie skull face design that is equal parts macabre and silly. Sunken zombie eye socket cutouts allow adorable zombie eyes printed on the accompanying sticky notes to show through. The brain shaped notepad sticks up above the organizer’s top for a fun and unique look. Click the image below to view this product on amazon.


Zombie Desk Organizer Details:

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Deep storage compartment, removable storage tray with “hidden” storage compartment below
  • Includes a set of 125 zombie themed sticky notes
  • Replacement notepads are available for purchase

Not Just a Pretty Face

This zombie desk organizer isn’t all good looks either. Perhaps just as importantly, it will help keep you, or your gift recipient, much more organized. It packs a lot of organizational function in its small footprint. Measuring just under 5″ tall and just over 4″ wide, this undead desk tidy stores a wide variety of office supplies. The slot in the front of the organizer is dedicated to holding the 125 high quality zombie sticky notes. No worries because refill packs are available for the notepad. Behind the notepad storage a full depth storage compartment on one half of the organizer holds pens, pencils, scissors, letter openers and more. The other side of the organizer features a removable storage tray on top with a “hidden” storage compartment nestled below. To conclude, if you’re looking for a fun, unique and affordable zombie gift, this organizer checks all those boxes!

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