Zombie Dress Up Magnet Set from MAG-NEATO’S(TM)

Zombie magnet set dress up zombie magnets
Zombie with Dress-Up Clothes MAG-NEATO’S(TM) Novelty Magnet Set


Having your own pet zombie to dress up and play with at will sounds great on paper. Doing this with a real shambling member of the walking dead however just doesn’t work out. First it’s just dangerous because they tend to try to eat your face while you dress them. Then there’s the mess and smell. It turns out zombies are sort of gross when you want one of your very own. Fortunately the folks at MAG-NEATOS(TM) have created these awesome zombie dress up magnets.

Each sheet of durable flexible vinyl magnets measures about 7″ wide by 10″ tall and consists of a zombie with clothing and accessories. Dress you zombie in business attire, casual wear and more. Make him hold a soda can, a brain, a briefcase or even the “Will work for Brainz” sign. Of course these are magnets so you can re-position and reuse as much as you want. ┬áThis is the perfect affordable zombie gift for kids. The zombie isn’t too scary and threatening so he won’t scare younger zombie fans. He’s still zombie enough to please hardcore zombie fans though!

These dress up zombie magnets are printed with water and UV resistant inks so they’ll be resistant to fading both indoors and out. These zombie magnets will attach to any metal surface so get ready to zombiefy your locker, filing cabinet, refrigerator, toolbox, car or more!

Priced under $7.00 at the time of this post, you won’t find a cooler affordable and unique zombie gift idea! Click the image or link above or below to make this zombie product yours today.


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  1. I can see such fun times with my little #Zombies girl playing with this at the refrigorator. Just remember honey, your only out each day for an hour so make the best of it!!


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