Zombie Dress Up Reusable Wall Decals

Zombie Dress Up Wall Decals – $14.95

Finally you can use the walls of your home, dorm, or office as they were meant to be used….as a canvas for zombie dress up fun! This set of 11 reusable fabric zombie decals is sure to be a hit with any zombie fan.

Your set of zombie wall decals contains 11 zombie themed stickers:

        •  one human
        • 2 zombie heads
        • 3 torsos
        • 1 pants
        • 1 brain
      • 1 shotgun, 1 axe, and 1 chainsaw

These fabric zombie stickers are simple to install. Simply peel and stick. They remove cleanly with no sticky or gummy residue and can be reapplied and reused over and over again.  These zombie decals stick to almost any clean interior surface. Stick these zombies on a smooth wall, textured wall, wallpapered wall, painted or unpainted wall and more.  Although primarily intended for decorating your walls with zombie fun, these zombie decals also work perfectly well on windows, laptops, refrigerators and more! Let your imagination run wild with this affordable and unique zombie gift that’s perfect for zombie fans of all ages.

No worries my zombie friend because these decals are durable and tough. They won’t rip and it is safe to overlap and apply decals over other decals. They even stick in extreme cold or hot temperatures! The safe temperature range for application is listed as -40 ºF to 200 ºF. In other words unless you plan to apply these zombie decals outside in the Siberian Tundra or when the ambient temperature is close to boiling water…you’re safe!

Have fun dressing up your personal zombie with these large decals.  The zombie man measures about 10″ tall by 2 -3/8″ wide.

These zombie wall decals are priced at $14.95, making them an affordable zombie gift idea!


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