Zombie Eye Glass Paperweight

Zombie Eye PaperweightZombie Eye Paperweight

Zombie Eye PaperweightZombie Eye Paperweight

Zombie Eye Paperweight

The threat of a potential zombie apocalypse looming over your head every day is bad enough. You don’t need all that important office paperwork blowing around on top of it. Hold down your important papers with this beautiful zombie eye paperweight. Each one is unique because they’re hand blown glass. Just like zombies, no two are exactly alike.

This zombie eyeball paperweight measures about 3.5″in diameter and features a flat bottom so it won’t roll away. Whether weighing down important legal contracts and documentation or just your favorite takeout menus, this zombie themed paperweight gets the job done. Priced under $20.00 this just might be the perfect new addition to your zombie cubicle or the affordable and unique zombie gift you’ve been searching for.

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3 thoughts on “Zombie Eye Glass Paperweight

  1. Ekaterina Kolotilina says:

    A good present for ugly. You can throw the other in the coffee, make a video and posted on the Internet!

  2. I would love to put this on my desk at work, my boss would have a cow lol!!!

  3. thomas minnie says:

    i would put this in my moms morning coffee, then i would sit back and watch the show.

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