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Zombie Car Decals – 52 Decal Set


We’ve seen the tired old stick figure family decals.  We’ve even seen plenty of zombie themed family decals on neighborhood mini vans. We’re tired of the same old same old overpriced zombie car decals.  That’s why we excited to see these new exclusive zombie car decals. This pack of zombie stickers is priced below $10.00 at the time of this. This is a great value because the set includes 5 sheets of zombie stickers, totaling 52 zombie decals in all!

These durable vinyl decals stick to any flat and clean surface, but they’re ideal for windows and glass.  The adult zombie car stickers measure approximately 5 inches tall while the kids measure around 3 to 4.5″ tall.  The baby zombies measure approximately 2″ tall and the pet zombie decals measure approximately 1 to three inches in height.

Your purchase gets you a set of zombie car stickers featuring:

  • 4 Adult Female Zombies
  • 4 Adult Male Zombies
  • 4 Boy Zombies
  • 4 Girl Zombies
  • 2 Baby Zombie Decals
  • 2 Cat Zombie Decals
  • 2 Dog Zombie Decals
  • 1 Severed Hand
  • 1 Severed Foot
  • 1 Burial Plot
  • 1 Disembodied Brain

Zombie Car Decals Zombie Car Decals

The best part is you get twice as much as we’ve listed above. Each of the sets comes in 2 versions: plain and then an identical set with the addition of blood splatters! That’s 52 zombie car decals in all!

Product Currently Unavailable: It appears this product was a limited edition exclusive product that is no longer available.  This could change in the future so we’re leaving this post active. Feel free to check the links here for current product availability status. Also, feel free to use the resources to find similar zombie gifts below.

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