Zombie Feet Sandals: A Great Zombie Gift Idea

Zombie Feet Sandals: A Great Affordable Zombie Gift Idea!


Hopefully your feet don’t look like this already. If they do, it might be time for a pedicure!  These zombie feet sandals are a great zombie gift idea. Now there’s no need to actually be infected with a zombie virus for your feet to look like a zombie.

These great zombie gifts are sandals that look just like zombie feet wearing flip flops!

These are currently available as a men’s large size: 4-1/4 ” x 11-1/2″ (10.5 cm x 29 cm)

Priced at just $14.95 these make a great affordable zombie gift idea!

Click the image or link above for more details or for ordering information.


2 thoughts on “Zombie Feet Sandals: A Great Zombie Gift Idea

  1. these are GREAT! (look kinda like my dad’s feet)

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