Zombie Garden Gnome Set – Zombie Gnome Bits

These zombie garden gnome themed lawn ornaments are the perfect addition to your landscaping. If you’re looking for an affordable set of zombie gnome lawn ornaments that doesn’t look like all the others this set is for you! They’re equal parts adorable, gruesome and scary.

Zombie Gnome Bits: 3 Piece Zombie Garden Gnome Set

Zombie Garden Gnome Lawn Ornament Zombie Gifts

Each set features 3 colorful zombie gnome lawn ornaments. There are two zombie garden gnome heads along with a zombie hand reaching out of the ground. The zombie garden gnome hand features a metal ground stake to firmly mount it in soil.

Are you concerned about durability? There’s no need to worry about these holding up outdoors. Like many outdoor garden decor objects, these statues feature durable resin construction.

Looking for zombie lawn decorations with a good size without being obnoxious? The size on these pieces varies from approximately 4 inches to 6 inches in height. That makes them large enough to be noticed but not so large your neighbors will talk! These are the perfect zombie landscaping decor for Halloween or any occasion. Click the images or link above, or the button below to check current pricing and availability on Amazon.

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