Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

Zombie Hand Napkin Holder

 Need a hand holding those napkins at your Zombie birthday, Halloween party, or other spooky event? Maybe you just want your dining room table setup to look awesome every day at the dining room table? Whatever your reasons, this awesome zombie hand napkin holder is here to save the day.

This resin zombie hand measures about 7- 1/2″ high x 5-1/2″ wide.  This zombie hand decoration includes some gory details like rotting skin that is pulling away to reveal the finger bones underneath. Yum! What a great conversation piece at dinner.

When you, or your gift recipient, aren’t using this to hold napkins it can be used for a variety of other purposes. This makes a great decoration for Halloween. With some creativity and ingenuity you could probably use this to hold mail, gam controllers, your TV remote and more. We have no doubt you’ll come up with all sorts of uses for this undead present. This is the perfect unique zombie gift.

Affordable pricing means you won’t feel guilty when you add a touch of awesome undead decor to your table. Click or tap the photos or link above, or use the button below to check current availability and pricing.

Click Here to by this awesome The Walking Dead zombie gift!


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