Zombie Hand Statue

Undead Decaying Zombie Hand Collectible Statue Figurine


This zombie hand statue is a true work of zombie art. It’s the perfect combination of cute and gross. With it’s worms, spiders and exposed muscle and bone it is gross enough to satisfy hardcore zombie fans and collectors. The coloring is just off enough to make it cute and non-threatening for the less hardcore zombie lover.

This zombie statue features a right hand of a zombie reaching up from the ground. This resin zombie sculpture measures about 6.25″ high by 3.75″ wide.   This is sure to make a great zombie gift idea for that zombie fan that has all of the typical zombie gifts and collectibles.  This would make the perfect zombie decoration for home or office. It makes for great cubicle or desk decoration and would look amazing as a table centerpiece.

Want more information? Check out our detailed review of this zombie product for many more photos and a detailed breakdown of our thoughts on it.

Ordering this great zombie gift is simple. Simply click the image or link above or the “buy now” or  amazon link below!

2 thoughts on “Zombie Hand Statue”

  1. This is way cooler then the one I own!! Great detail, many uses for this and can’t wait to buy one.. Finding this site is trouble for my credit card lol

    • Believe me…I know what you mean. So many awesome zombie products, so little disposable income to buy them with! 😉


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