Zombie Hands T-Shirt

Zombies Hands T Shirt – from $16.99


Some of the best zombie t-shirts are the simplest designs. This minimalist zombie t-shirt design is the perfect example. It features a pair of black zombie hands reaching up from the bottom of the t-shirt. They almost look like they are reaching from the grave to grab your throat!  That’s it. Just a pair of zombie hands on a military green t-shirt.. Simple. Clean. Fun. The designer could have easily thrown a bunch of zombie related text on the shirt but I like it just the way it is.

This great zombie t-shirt is available in men’s fit in sizes small through 4XL. Women’s fit can be purchased in sizes small through XXL. Prices start at just $16.99, so you can make this zombie t-shirt part of your regular zombie wardrobe today!
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