Zombie Head Candy Maker: Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab

Any child, or adult that is a kid at heart, will love making delicious candy and drinks inside a zombie head. Check out the Zombie Head Candy Maker and check current pricing on amazon by clicking/tapping the links below!

Zombie Head Candy Maker

Zombie Head Candy Maker

Give the perfect zombie gift for that young (or young at heart) zombie fan. This is the perfect zombie gift for someone with a sense of humor and a sweet tooth! The Zombie Head Candy Maker let’s you create over 40 tasty and gross treats. You can brew up some zombie barf to drink, bubbling brains or make and peel off some zombie skin. You can even create cool spider candy treats by injecting your concoction into the zombie head’s eye socket.

No worries parents. The tasty recipes mainly involve adding nothing more than ordinary tap water to the ingredients kits provided.

This zombie toy is sure to please zombie fans of all ages!

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