Zombie Head Candy Mold

Looking to nail your next undead themed party? We’ve got your back. Now you can make delicious zombie treats, undead ice cubes and more with this awesome zombie head candy mold.

zombie head candy mold

Zombie Head Candy Mold

Make your next zombie themed party, or just everyday activities, a hit with this awesome zombie head mold. This professional quality food grade silicone tray allows you to craft a variety of undead themed treats.

Make zombie head chocolates, zombie candy, zombie gummy candies or even detailed walker ice cubes!

Measuring approximately 9 inches wide by 6 inches tall, there’s enough room in this mold tray to make 8 zombie heads. Each deep mold creates a head measuring about 2.5″ by 1.75″.

Are you concerned about safety? Don’t be! This pure silicone food mold is BPA free and also approved by the FDA and the LFGB. That means you and your loved ones are safe to make and consume awesome undead themed treats made with this tray.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Make tasty chocolates. Freeze up some highly realistic zombie ice cubes for your next The Walking Dead viewing party. Need some undead cupcake toppers? Make your own with this awesome zombie gift!

Of course there are also many non-edible creations to dream up thanks to this mold. Make soaps, paperweights and much more. You or your zombie gift recipient will have tons of fun coming up with new ways to put this mold to use for crafts and more. The sky is the limit so let your reanimated imagination run wild. Of course we don’t recommend making edible treats after you’ve used your mold for non-edible creations so do exercise caution. That’s one of the reasons we recommend picking up a few of these to be safe.

This zombie product is pretty popular. Click the images or links above to check current pricing and availability. We’d recommend picking up 2 or 3 trays to make your endeavors more fun and much more efficient.

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