Zombie Head Microwave Door Cling Decoration

Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen at Halloween, or all year around, with this gruesome Zombie head microwave door cling decoration! This awesome zombie product sticks to the outside of microwave door and temporarily converts it to a disgusting zombie decoration. The links below will take you to this product on amazon. Grab this today and take your zombie themed party decorations to the next level!Zombie Head Microwave Door Decoration

Zombie Head Microwave Door Cling Decoration

Decorate your home or office microwave in gross, gruesome, and awesome zombie style. This vinyl static cling horror decoration makes it look just like a melting zombie head was left in the microwave. If you’re looking for a convincing appearance you can also add some of the bloody fingerprints and smears for added detail. This affordable zombie gift measures approximately 24″ wide by 12″ high.

This zombie head microwave door cling is removable and reusable.  It makes the perfect zombie Halloween decoration … but we say use it all year round. Imagine the looks you’ll get from friends and neighbors. With the affordable price you can afford to buy one for home and one for your office or other location! If you’re looking for a great deal we’ve got great news because you can buy multiples and save!

We just know one thing: we do NOT want to be the one stuck cleaning the inside of this microwave. There’s good news because cleanup in this case is ridiculously easy. Fortunately, when you’ve grown squeamish and tired of the gory zombie decor you can simply peel it off and put it away until you’re ready to scare folks again!


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  1. Every time I come to this site I find something else to add to my list that I really want! Hey if I win the movie maybe you can throw this in wink wink! LOL


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