Zombie Hoodie – Full Zip Hooded Zombie Sweatshirt

Zombie Face Zombie Hoodie Full Zip Hooded Sweatsirt

Zombie Hooded Sweatshirt

Zombie Hoodie

Zombie Hoodie Closeup

Zombie Hoodie

When the zombies come (and we all know it’s WHEN and not IF) you’ll need every trick you can think of to survive. This full zip zombie hoodie just might help you survive when the dead walk the earth.  Why? Because this zombie gift makes you look just like a real disgusting zombie.

This mottled green 100% polyester sweatshirt features an amazing all over zombie print design.  There are scars, stitches, and plenty of bits and pieces of torn flesh hanging. There is also exposed bone, exposed muscle and blood spatter throughout.  You’ll also notice internal organs, plenty of exposed intestines and more.  Not enough?  The finishing touch is definitely the hood.

This full zip hoodie is definitely FULL ZIP. The hid zips up to enclose your entire face and head if you so choose. No worries, there is mesh over the eye and mouth holes to allow you to breathe easily see and breathe.  Those are two very important functions when you’re trying to escape from the walking dead.

This zombie hoodie is white on the inside and features side pockets.  It’s available in sizes small through 3XL and makes a perfect unique zombie gift or a great start for a quick and easy zombie costume.

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PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE: It appears this zombie gift may have been discontinued or is otherwise no longer available. Feel free to use the links or “buy now” button provided here to check current availability because it may have changed since this update. You can also browse similar zombie products below!

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