Zombie Insurance Kit

Zombie Insurance Kit
Zombie Insurance Kit – $9.99:


The zombie apocalypse is sure to be a royal pain in the rear. You’ll be so busy fighting off the walking dead that you won’t have time to worry about the little things. Trying to stay alive is hard enough…but what about all the damage those dumb zombies can cause to your personal property? They tend to smash anything between them and the delicious human flesh they crave. That’s not even taking into consideration the immense damage they’ll cause when they get a whiff of your big tasty brain!

When the smoke clears and the zombies have all been double tapped, you’ll probably want your old life back. That’s where the folks at My Zombie Insurance come in. With this affordable zombie insurance policy you can pick up the pieces and go on with your life.

Of course, this isn’t real insurance…but it is a great zombie gag gift. Your purchase of $9.99 gets you a My Zombie Insurance certificate of coverage, a policy holder card (you fill in the name on both) and a zombie insurance window decal.


AVAILABILITY UPDATE:  Unfortunately the supplier we link to here on this page no longer offers the Zombie Insurance kits. You can still purchase one however by heading over to myzombieinsurance.com.


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