Zombie Nation T-shirt

Zombie Nation Rise T-shirtZombie-nation-t-shirt-zombie-gift


If you can’t beat ’em . . . join ’em! The honest truth is most of us aren’t fit for surviving the zombie apocalypse.  The pending undead zombie plague is nothing to sneeze at and the reality is the odds are you won’t survive.  Why fight it? Proudly join the ranks of the walking dead with this awesome zombie gift.

This zombie t-shirt features a very cool image of zombie hands rising from the ground with an eerie full moon and large dead tree in the background.  The design is finished off with text that reads, “Zombie Nation: Rise. Join the Dead. Eat the Living.”

This zombie t-shirt design is available in your choice of colors on men’s fit, women’s fit and even hoodies!

If you’re looking for a unique zombie gift idea, this is the perfect solution. Click the photo, link or button here for sizing and ordering information.

Product Availability: It appears this product may no longer be available. We’re searching for alternate sources but we’re not sure when, or if, this item will return. Availability can change at any given moment and without notice for us, so feel free to check availability using the links provided here or the button below.

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