Zombie Penguin Costume

As if the inability to fly wasn’t inconvenient enough, now some unfortunate penguins are doomed to waddle the earth in search of their next feast of flesh. Capture the horror of undead penguins with this adorable zombie penguin costume.
Zombie Penguin Costume

Zombie Penguin Costume

Let’s face it. Zombie costumes have been over done over the years. Are you looking for a unique zombie costume? They are hard to come by. Maybe you’re considering a penguin costume? Awww. How cute. Penguins are a bit boring however.

How about a zombie penguin? Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the living like a waddling zombie penguin!

This polyfoam costume features printing just like a scary zombie penguin, The one piece tunic with head comes complete with a dangling eyeball, torn open flesh, and more! This soft costume is made of 100% polyester. It omes in “one size fits most adults” sizing. For cleaning the manufacturer recommends hand washing. That only applies if you aren’t terrified of handling a zombie penguin.

If you need a costume that is easy to put on and wear, look no further. Pick this zombie costume up today and turn some heads on Halloween or at your next zombie themed party.

This zombie costume is getting harder to come by. We first discovered it back in the fall of 2013. Fortunately it is still available. The links here will take you to amazon. If you have difficulty finding it there, we have seen this zombie costume in both previously owned and new condition on ebay. Click the image or links here or use the button or resources below for additional information!

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