Zombie Poop Bubble Gum

Zombie Poop Bubble Gum – $5.95

Who knew? Zombies poop! Not only do they poop…but they poop delicious round lemon-lime flavored gumballs. Ok, these aren’t really zombie poop but they ARE a great gag gift for the zombie lover on your shopping list.

Zombie poop bubble gum consists of about 24 1″ diameter green gum balls packaged in a clever clear container labeled with a “Zombie Poop” theme. Each piece of bubblegum is a delicious lemon-lime flavor.

In the event of a real zombie apocalypse this gum might just save your life. If a zombie heads your way toss a piece of “Zombie Poop” at them and watch them devour the gum instead of heading for your brain!*

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*Zombie Poop gum may not actually save your life in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Talk to your doctor and ask whether Zombie Poop is right for you.

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