Zombie Rabbit Decoration

No Carrots for this zombie rabbit decoration. It craves flesh! Decorate for Halloween, Easter or any time of year with this terrifying (but somehow still adorable) zombie rabbit decoration! If you’re looking for adorable fluffy Peter Cottontail, you’ll be disappointed.

Zombie Rabbit Decoration

This undead bunny statue is constructed of latex with a foam stuffing or filling. It measures approximately 14″ by 12″ by 6.5″ and features gruesome details . The vivid paintwork is sure to strike terror into all who dare to pass by.

The huge teeth on this zombie rabbit decoration definitely mean business. Vicious claws on all four feet let you know, this isn’t Peter Cottontail. This creepy critter definitely won’t be letting go if it gets ahold of you. A hunched back, wrinkled fur-free skin and angry sunken eyes further demonstrate this animal wants to attack more than your garden. Wounds and blood spatters demonstrate this bunny isn’t so loveable.

This awesome zombie decoration can be yours if you’re brave enough to attempt ownership. It makes the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations or zombie themed party. The links below will help you find this awesome zombie decoration at a good price from your favorite retailer.

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