Zombie Run! Zombie Card Game

Zombie Run! Card GameZombie Run! Card Game


There are hordes of zombie board games and card games out there. While we love the variety, the problem is few cater to the needs of families with younger zombie fans. Let’s face it. Many zombie games have some pretty complex rules and take forever to play. While that can be fun for adults, it often means kids are left out of the zombie fun. Zombie Run! is a fun and fast paced zombie card game designed for players ages 7 and up. It’s touted as “A game for kids with braaaaaains!”

Zombies have taken over the town and the object of the game is to be the first to escape safely or to have the least amount of zombies following you at the end of the game. Gameplay combines memory with luck and each game is just 5 rounds long. Zombie Run! can be played by 2 or more players.

Your purchase includes 75 cards and easy to follow instructions packaged in a cardboard box. If you’re looking for a fun zombie game that you can play again and again with the entire family, check out Zombie Run! Priced well under 10 bucks, this is an affordable zombie gift for nearly any age or occasion.


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