Zombie Snooze T-Shirt

Looking for the perfect gift for the zombie fan that constantly slaps the snooze button?  This zombie snooze t-shirt is the perfect gift idea!

Zombie Snooze T-shirt

Zombie Snooze T-shirt

Even zombies hate to wake up. Sometimes you just need to mash the snooze button a few times and the walking dead are no exception to that rule. This great zombie t-shirt features a fun design of a rotting zombie hand reaching from the grave to press the snooze button on the alarm. Let’s face it: mornings suck. Besides, when you’re already dead, you really can’t be late any way!

This funny zombie t-shirt is available in men’s sizes small through XXXL.  This design is also available in women’s fit in sizes small through XXL. To check current pricing and availability simply visit the links above or use the button below.

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