Zombie Soap Dispenser

Preventing the zombie apocalypse might be easier than we think. Helping the spread of illness due to viruses or bacteria starts with the basics. . . like good hygiene.  Show your family you care with this awesome zombie soap dispenser!

Zombie Soap Dispenser

zombie soap dispenser zombie gift idea


You care about the health and well being of friends and relatives. Show them you don’t want them to die in an undead apocalypse with this stylish and funny zombie gift idea!

This refillable white ceramic soap dispenser holds approximately 12 ounces of your favorite liquid hand soap, dish soap or other contagion preventative. T

he high quality stoneware base pairs nicely with a sturdy metal pump dispenser lid. This zombie soap dispenser measures approximately 7 inches high and ships in a decorative box.

Of course, the coolest part of this product is the design. Large black text reads, “WASH YOUR HANDS.” Below that text, five creepy, bright green, undead hands seem to be reaching from their grave. Below the outstretched cadaver hands, a message reads, “Only YOU can prevent the zombie apocalypse.” Don’t let your loved ones be the reason humanity shambles off to a fate even worse than death! This item is sure to be hit whether you use it at home or office.

Aside from the cool design and funny message with a purpose, this durable soap dispenser helps you save money in the long run. The refillable design means you can purchase soap in bulk or even use soap concentrate in order to mix soap to your desired strength and consistency.  You’ll have this product for a long time thanks to the durable ceramic and metal construction of this soap dispenser.

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