Zombie Socks

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Zombie Socks ~ $9.95

Shambling around with no coffee on Monday morning only goes so far. You need the right socks on your feet to truly shamble like one of the walking dead. These zombie socks are the perfect comfy green foot attire for that or any other occasion. These green cotton socks look just like green zombie feet. There’s yellow toenails, exposed bones, wounds, sores and more. We realize some of you may not need these socks because you already have yellow toenails, sores and more on your feet. We’d still urge you to wear some socks… seriously. You’re grossing out the family and the neighbor kids are scared.
Whether you’re looking to hide your hideous piggy toes, trying to keep your feet warm, or just looking for a unique and affordable zombie gift idea, these zombie feet socks are just what the undead doctor ordered. Priced under $10 you can’t go wrong.

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