Zombie Survival Kit Ammo Can Lunchbox

Zombie Ammo Can Lunchbox Storage Tote

Zombie Survival Ammo Can Lunchbox

You can carry your lunch in any old boring lunch box but what fun is that? This metal lunchbox looks great and does double duty letting everyone know you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse. . . even if it happens on your lunch break.

At first glance this looks like a real metal ammunition canister.  Look  a little closer at the top handle and the green distressed zombie theme graphics on the sides and you begin to see this is a cool novelty item.  This zombie lunchbox features a biohazard symbol in yellow along with the phrase “Zombie Survival Kit Standard Issue Tactical Gear” in a very cool military style font lettering.

The top of this zombie gift flips open and secures with a metal latch.   This tin zombie themed lunchbox measures approximately 7.9 inches long by 4.2 inches by 5.8 inches.

This item is perfect for actually carrying your lunch but it has a wide range of other uses.  Priced under $10.00, this affordable zombie gift is perfect for recipients ages 7 and up.

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Unfortunately it appears this product may have been discontinued and is no longer available. We’re trying to find alternate sources for this zombie gift, so feel free to check the links here for current availability. Or try the resources for similar zombie gifts below.

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