Zombie Targeting Marksmanship Training: ZTMT Poster

This zombie poster serves double duty. It looks cool and it just might save the life of someone you care about with the helpful reminders printed on it. This colorful zombie poster reminds you of the importance of head shots while also prioritizing some of your other shooting options.

This posters features the large red letters Z.T.M.T. at the topic which stands for “Zombie Target Marksmanship Trainer”.
The poster features an image of a scary zombie with numbers at various target locations. The numbers correspond to a key in the lower right corner of the zombie poster that gives you a breakdown from most desirable to least desirable.
For example the number 1 on the poster is plastered right between our unlucky zombie friend’s eyes. In the explanation in the corner the key reads “1. Nice shot! 1 To the head = 1 dead!”

This awesome zombie poster makes for an affordable zombie gift because it is priced at just $6.99. This affordable price doesn’t mean a small or inferior quality zombie poster either! It measures 36″ tall x 24″ wide and is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks. Click the image or links above for more information, larger pictures, or ordering information.

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