Zombie Temporary Tattoos Booklet: 30 Temporary Zombie Tattoos

Zombie Temporary Tattoos

Zombie Temporary Tattoos: 30 Temporary Tattoos

Becoming a zombie isn’t something you come back from. Zombiedom is perpetual and permanent.A zombie tattoo doesn’t have to be though. In fact a killer zombie tattoo can be something temporary thanks to this awesome temporary tattoo booklet from Mitch O’Connell.

This matchbook folder style booklet features 30 classic zombie themed temporary tattoos. They feature hearts, anchors, zombies, brains and more. If you’re looking for an affordable and unique zombie gift for a child or adult zombie fan that’s not ready for the permanency of a real zombie tattoo look no further!

These are priced well under $10.00 making them affordable AND awesome!


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