Zombie Window Posters

Reusable Backlit Plastic Zombie Window Posters

BAcklit Zombie Window Posters

Let’s face it. . . there’s really no safe way to keep actual zombies in your home. Don’t ask how we know. We just do. Fortunately you can have the look of zombies in your windows without all the risk, trouble and that horrible smell. These plastic zombie window posters create the eery look of scary zombies inside your home both day and night. Each poster is backlit by the lights in your home at night for an extra creepy vibe sure to freak out your neighbors.

Zombie Window Posters

These zombie window posters install quickly and easily. They measure 32″ x 54″ and can be easily trimmed to size for smaller windows. Simply trim and hang the posters using the included removable two sided adhesive squares. Each of these posters is constructed of a light and durable plastic film. They’re printed with light-fast inks so they won’t fade in the sun if you leave them up year round. Not ready to commit to zombies in your windows year round? Have no fear. If you want them up for just Halloween or some other occasion they’re easily removable and reusable too!

Backlit Zombie Window Film

These zombie window posters are made in the USA and sure to please any zombie fan with the chilling undead backlit effect from the normal lighting in your home.

These zombie gifts are available in several different designs. Click the images above or use the button or resources below for additional information, pricing and ordering details.

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