Zombie Wine Bottle Holder – A Handy Zombie Gift Idea

Zombie Gift: A Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Holder Zombie Wine Bottle Holderzombie-hand-wine-bottle-holder-empty

Looking for a handy zombie gift idea? Check out this awesome zombie hand wine bottle holder.

Most wine is stored in a wine cellar underground.  Is it a coincident that’s where most zombies start out? I  know what you’re thinking but we can’t recommend it.   Having a zombie store your wine 6 feet under ground would certainly impress your friends, but it just isn’t safe. This zombie gift offers the next best thing.  This zombie hand wine bottle holder is constructed of a durable Polystone resin.  It measures approximately 10 inches tall by 9 inches deep and 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter.  This zombie gift looks just like a gruesome decayed zombie hand rising from the ground.

The design and shape of the hand and base allow this zombie gift to hold most wine bottles up to a 3 3/8″ diameter.  Priced under $30, this zomie gift is perfect for that hard to buy for zombie loving wine enthusiast.


Product Unavailable: Unfortunately this particular zombie gift is no no longer available. However, there are many even cooler zombie bottle holders available. Check the resources below to find an awesome zombie wine bottle holder to suit your needs.

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