Zombie World War – Keep Hope Alive – The Enemy is Listening Zombie T-Shirt




Keep Hope Alive – Zombie World War T-Shirt


No disrespect is meant to the brave men responsible for the events leading to the raising of the American Flag on Iwo Jima, but when the zombies come we’ll have a whole new war on our hands.  Raising the flag on Z-Day may not be a declaration of victory, it may just be one last symbolic display of humanity for the world’s last remaining survivors. It certainly looks that way according to this zombie t-shirt!

This zombie t-shirt features the phrase, “The Enemy is Listening Keep Hope Alive Zombie World War”.  It features a small group of living survivors raising a flag in the center of a horde of zombies. It doesn’t look well because a helicopter is flying away in the distance with walkers falling from it as it flees. The white eyes of the zombies against the black and red color scheme of this t-shirt design creates a very eerie effect.

This zombie t-shirt is sure to please any fan of zombies or World War Z. It’s available in both unisex/men’s fit and women’s babydoll style fit.  Constructed of 100% cotton, this black t-shirt is available in unisex/men’s sizes small through 2XL, oversized sizes from 3XL t0 6XL and in women’s fit sizes small through 2XL.  Prices start at just $14.95 (Women’s fit and sizes 2XL and up do cost more.)



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