Zombies Ahead Zombie Wall Plaque

Zombies Ahead Sign Zombie Gift
Add a touch of zombie elegance, and strike fear in your visitors, with this “Zombies Ahead” sign.



Looking for a way to welcome visitors warmly? Don’t family, friends, visitors AND enemies deserve to know what lies ahead? Let your visitors, trespassers and passers by know what lurks on your property with this gorgeous zombie gift. This zombie head wall plaque features a gruesome zombie head trio on a wood like sign that reads “ZOMBIES AHEAD.” Three gross and decaying zombie heads leave no doubt about it. The walking dead are near. Beware!

This awesome zombie gift is constructed of durable, high quality resin. It measures approximately 15 and a half inches wide by 11 inches high and 3 and a half inches deep. Each one is hand painted with bloody details and a faux weathered wood look sure to please (or terrify) nearly anyone.

This would be great for Halloween or any occasion. It’s sure to add some gore to your home’s walls or your garden. For pricing information and additional details click any of the links or product photos here or use the BUY NOW button below.


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