Zombies to Robots – Heat Changing Zombie Coffee Mug

Heat Changing Zombies coffee mug - zombies change to robots

 Zombies and Robots Heat Changing Zombie Coffee Mug


Our friends over at ThinkGeek have the coolest background on their website.  It’s basically robots and when you scroll down to the bottom of the page it turns into zombies. It’s awesome and we’ve spent more than a few minutes playing with the background on their site when we should be working. They’ve now transformed this zombie awesomeness into a heat changing coffee mug!

The mug starts out as a black coffee mug with white zombie characters imprinted on it. That’s cool enough as it is. The magic happens when you pour coffee or any other hot liquid into the mug.  The  heat activated design magically changes and black robots appear on a white background.  The handle stays black and does not change color.

This zombie coffee mug is constructed of black ceramic and has a 10 ounce capacity.  Start your day with zombies AND robots along with your cup of morning go juice.  The only downside to this mug is it is hand wash only. It’s not dishwasher safe, nor is it microwave safe. With a mug this cool you want want to part with it long enough for it to sit in the dishwasher any way!

This is a ThinkGeek Exclusive currently priced at $9.99. At that price you can pick up two of these zombie gifts. One for you and one for someone else. Or get one for the office and one for home. You’ll want an awesome coffee mug on hand when the zombie and robot apocalypse comes!

For information on buying this unique and affordable zombie gift, click the image or links above or the button below.

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Product Availability Update: This product was a ThinkGeek Exclusive and currently isn’t available via their site. We don’t know when, or if, the product will return. Feel free to click/tap the button, image, or link above to check current availability.

Check ebay: The good news is this exact zombie product is probably available via ebay. Click or tap here to browse.


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