Bleeding Zombie Head Candle

Nothing says, “relaxation” better than a bleeding and oozing zombie head slowly smoldering in the corner!  Headshots and zombies can be messy business.   If only there was way to combine your love of dispatching the undead without all the inconvenient gore, mess and cleanup. Fortunately, thanks to this bleeding zombie head candle, there is! Just light the wick on this detailed zombie head candle, sit back and watch it slowly bleed and melt away!

Melting Bleeding Zombie Head Candle

bleeding zombie head candle

This green wax candle looks just like a rotting severed zombie head. The details are pretty amazing considering the modest  3 inch tall size. This undead decor features some gross sludge ooze from his mouth, decayed facial flesh and even a gaping head wound with exposed brains.

zombie head candle angle view

Details are great but molded candles aren’t all that great. The real fun starts when you light this bad boy.

Light the wick just like a boring conventional candle but don’t worry. The similarities between this zombie gift and a normal candle end here.  You won’t have to wait too long for the fun to ensue. Eventually the zombie head starts to melt and bleed. Impress family and friends as this zombie head candle oozes red wax “blood.”

Bleeding Zombie Head Candle Melted

This bleeding zombie candle makes a great affordable zombie gift idea. We should warn you though; you might want to purchase a few. Once you, or your zombie gift recipient, sees how cool it looks leaking undead blood they’ll want another one. Other zombie fans will come out of the woodwork wanting one too. Plus there’s the fact these look awesome half or partially melted. We recommend letting one burn about one quarter to half way down and then blowing it out. Leave it this way to display forever in all its half melted, reanimated glory!

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