Bleeding Zombie head candle

Bleeding Zombie Head Candle

Nothing says, “relaxation” better than a bleeding and oozing zombie head slowly smoldering in the corner!  Headshots and zombies can be messy business.   If only there was way to combine your love of dispatching the undead without all the inconvenient gore, mess and cleanup. Fortunately, thanks to this bleeding zombie head candle, there is! Just …

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Zombie Incense Holder

Zombie Incense Holder – Zombie Figure   Zombies are awesome. There’s just one problem. The whole decaying corpse and rotting flesh thing. Zombies stink. Sorry but it is true. Luckily you can show your love for zombies while having your home or office smell wonderful with this zombie incense burner. This cold cast resin zombie …

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Brain Candle

Create some ambiance and smarten your decor with a brain candle! Brain Candle Get romantic. Create some ambiance. Maybe you just need to light up your safehouse? Whatever your reasons, you’ll be in the zombie mood when you light a gorgeous undead themed brain candle. This hand sculpted brain candle shown above is just one example.  The …

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