Brain Candle

Create some ambiance and smarten your decor with a brain candle!
Brain Candle

Brain Candle

Get romantic. Create some ambiance. Maybe you just need to light up your safehouse? Whatever your reasons, you’ll be in the zombie mood when you light a gorgeous undead themed brain candle. This hand sculpted brain candle shown above is just one example.  The brain candle shown above hand crafted and suspended in a crystal clear gel wax. It looks just like a tiny brain specimen in its 4″x4″ glass jar. This candle is unscented. Besides, we imagine a flaming  jar of brains would smell pretty bad. You know…not that we’ve tried it. Honest!

Do you prefer something scented? Scented varieties and more are available as well. We’ll help you find a zombie candle to suit your unique needs and budget. Whether you’re planning for a gift for a neurosurgeon or just looking to host a zombie themed party, a brain candle can make a unique gift idea.

We first posted about this zombie product all the way back around Halloween of 2012.  Please note, the exact item shown here may not be available any longer. Fortunately, the links here will take you to very similar, even cooler brain candles. You’ll also find a variety of other very unique handmade zombie items and more. So don’t be afraid to click through and browse away. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you with your zombie gift giving needs.

Click Here to by this awesome The Walking Dead zombie gift!


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