Zombie Pajamas

Undead Zombie Pajamas

Surviving the zombie apocalypse can be exhausting. When the time comes relaxing and getting some shuteye can be challenging. Some comfortable zombie pajamas could be just the solution your weak and weary body needs! Zombie Pajamas – Zombie Sleepwear Winter is coming and you need some new warm, fuzzy and stylish PJ’s. You need something …

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Animated Zombie Backpack

What kid wouldn’t want a funny zombie faceb backpack accompanying them on the go everyday? This animated zombie backpack features sounds, spinning zombie eyes and even gross dripping “snot” that is sure to have them giggling with glee! Animated Zombie Backpack We can’t think of a better way to send a child back to school. …

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Walking Dead Rick Grimes Banner

  The Walking Dead Banner – Rick Show your love and support for The Walking Dead by hanging this huge banner in your home. This awesome Walking Dead  wall decoration is 100% poly and measures an impressive 84″ wide by 60″ tall. It features hanging grommets and an image of the Season 3 poster with Rick standing …

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Huntress Michonne Inspired Zombie T-Shirt

  Michonne Inspired “Huntress” Zombie T-Shirt   Look! I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s favorite katana wielding, pet zombie walking, hooded zombie assassin; Michonne! This gorgeous The Walking Dead inspired t-shirt features a likeness of Michonne and her pets standing over an unlucky zombie corpse that’s been sliced and diced.  This awesome zombie t-shirt features gorgeous …

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Zombie Chip and Dip Server

Zombie Chip and Dip Serving Set Want to serve chips, dip and other treats in awesome zombie style? You need this zombie chip and dip server. The serving platter looks just like a zombie hand coming up out of the earth. Better yet your guests can dig into the zombie’s skull to retrieve their delicious …

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Zombie Banana costume

Zombie Banana Costume

Do you need the perfect unique zombie costume? Zombie costumes may have been to death, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take your zombie costume game to the next level. This simple and affordable Rasta Imposta Zombie banana costume is sure to please! Be the star at Halloween or your next costume party with …

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Zombie Hot Dog Costume

When a zombie costume is so last year and a hot dog costume is too third grade what’s a person to do? Combine the two of course! This zombie hot dog costume is sure to please fans of costumes, zombies and hot dogs! How can you go wrong? Zombie Hot Dog Costume The typical zombie …

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Zombie Penguin Costume

Zombie Penguin Costume

As if the inability to fly wasn’t inconvenient enough, now some unfortunate penguins are doomed to waddle the earth in search of their next feast of flesh. Capture the horror of undead penguins with this adorable zombie penguin costume. Zombie Penguin Costume Let’s face it. Zombie costumes have been over done over the years. Are …

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The Hawking Dead Zombie T-Shirt

This would probably be the smartest zombie you’d ever encounter! Get your very own The Hawking Dead zombie Stephen Hawking t-shirt. The Hawking Dead Zombie T-Shirt   At first we weren’t going to post this zombie t-shirt because we feared it might border on poor taste. In the end we decided it’s just too darn …

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