Glow in The Dark Zombie Coffee Mug

Turn out the lights and this glow in the dark zombie coffee mug is sure to shine as a zombie gift!

Glow in the Dark Zombie Mug Zombie Gifts

Glow in the Dark Zombie Coffee Mug

Finding your coffee mug in the dark is sometimes a difficult task. Whether you are a walking corpse rising at the Dawn of the Dead, or just a weary zombie slaying survivor, you need your java. You don’t need the added aggravation of scalding burns on your lap because you can see your coffee cup in the dark. This zombie coffee mug from ThinkGeek is the perfect solution.

It features glow in the dark zombies on a black background. Turn out the lights and this coffee mug greets you with the soothing glow of zombies. This glow in the dark zombie mug makes the perfect affordable zombie gift at just $9.99! Click the image or link above to go get yours.

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We first featured this zombie coffee mug on our site way back in the summer of 2011. Unfortunately this zombie product is discontinued.  This mug isn’t available new from the original retailer(s). The links and resources on this page may help.  They’ll help you locate this, or similar items, from other sources such as ebay.



3 thoughts on “Glow in The Dark Zombie Coffee Mug”

  1. I is pretty cool isn’t it? I’m pretty sure it’s a ThinkGeek exclusive so it isn’t available in many other places.

    By the way I see you left a link to a Squidoo lens. Very cool because I’m VERY active on Squidoo and just wrapping up my first zombie gifts Squidoo Lens. You can see it HERE when it’s finished. I’ll be sure to stop by and share some Squidoo love with you! Thanks for stopping by.


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