Call of Duty Zombies Inspired Mystery Box Handmade Replica – Larger version

This product is made to order and made by hand. They require some lead time to complete and ship out. Please read the details below completely prior to ordering. Thank you!


Call of Duty Zombies Large Handmade Replica

COD Zombies Mystery Box Handmade Large Mystery BoxOver the years we’ve received many requests for a larger version of our handmade Call of Duty Zombies inspired Mystery Box. We’ve finally found time to tackle the task of designing a larger version. That isn’t as simple as it sounds. Designing a box that is large enough to meet customer needs and desires without being too expensive, too heavy and without being a logistical nightmare to ship was no simple task. The good news is we’ve come up with a solution that any Call of Duty zombies fan is sure to appreciate.

Before we get into great detail here’s a quick overview.

Details at a Glance:

  • Durable Solid Wood Construction Throughout
  • Measures Over 21″ wide, 9″ deep and 7″ tall.
  • Available With or Without Sounds
  • Plenty of Interior Room for Storage
  • Question Marks on Lid Glow in The Dark
  • Holds PS4 and/or Xbox One Game Cases, Blu-rays, DVDs, Controllers, Headsets etc.
  • Room for 30+ Game Cases
  • Each Item is Assembled, Decorated and Painted Entirely By Hand
  • Version with Sounds Plays two different versions of the Mystery Box Jingle: Normal and Teddy Bear Laugh
  • Version With Sounds Plays the Normal Sound twice in a row. Every Third Play is the “Teddy Bear Laugh” heard in game when the Mystery Box moves to a new location.
  • Sounds are powered by 3 AA or AAA batteries and play automatically when the box opens or with the press of a button.
  • Batteries included with purchase.
  • Free Shipping to U.S.
  • Handmade Items: Please allow a typical lead time of  21 business days for your order to be completed and shipped out.



Please read this page in its entirety before ordering. The information provided on this page provides many valuable details and answers many frequently asked questions.



Large CoD Zombies Inspired Mystery Box WITH Sounds $144.99 With FREE U.S. Shipping



Large CoD Zombies Inspired Mystery Box WITHOUT Sounds. SILENT VERSION

$99.99 With FREE U.S. Shipping



Click any of the images below to open a larger view.



Our smaller Zombies Mystery Box is great for small items or for simply displaying on a shelf. Many of you wanted a bit more function and storage capacity. This new larger version of our handmade Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box features plenty of interior room for storing game cases, controllers and more. We’ve designed this to offer plenty of space inside and it can easily store over 30 game cases. Of course you don’t have to store games. There’s plenty of room for controllers, headsets and more!

COD Zombies Mystery Box Large Handmade replica open


Each of these Mystery Boxes measures over 21 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 7 inches tall. We’ve carefully designed these to be large enough for ample storage but not too large to handle or ship.


These large handmade Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box replicas are made with light but strong solid wood.  We start with brand new wood and age, antique and decorate to look old and battle scarred like the one seen in game. New heavy duty metal hardware is aged to look rustic and worn. Each box is made entirely by hand with attention to detail. Since this is something that you’ll likely use on a daily basis, we design and build these with durability and longevity in mind.



Please note the images shown here are photos of previously sold pieces. Your purchase will look very similar, but since each box is made by hand, no two are exactly alike.



Video games, game controllers, headsets and other accessories shown in the photos are for scale and display purposes only. These items are not included with your purchase. Your purchase includes the Mystery Box and batteries required for the sound version only.



Each of these boxes is handmade and every one has its own unique characteristics. Due to the handmade nature, please expect minor variations in paintwork, design placement and other minor details. We’re constantly revising and improving our designs. There may be minor changes and differences between your actual purchase and the photos shown here.



These boxes are intended for use by older teens, adults etc. These boxes are not a toy and are not recommended for young children.  These are intended mainly for storage and display. These are constructed with small components that may be a choking hazard for young children or pets. In addition, there are pinch points and other dangers for young children so please keep these boxes away from little ones and be sure to exercise caution and good common sense.



The question marks on the lid are coated with a special glow in the dark material. The glowing function is activated by “charging” the question marks with a light source. This is best done with a bright white light source such as a lamp, bright flashlight etc. For best results hold the light source very close (within an inch or two) and ensure the entire question mark is being lit. In our experience direct light is required. Indirect light from a room or other source may not be enough to charge and activate the glow in the dark feature.  Shine a light on the question marks for a few minutes and then turn out the lights. The question marks will glow in the dark for a short period of time.

How long will the question marks glow? It depends. How long and how bright the question marks glow in the dark depends on a wide variety of factors such as how long and how much direct light the question marks received. Generally brighter light for a longer period of time creates a longer lasting and brighter glow effect.  Just don’t expect the question marks to glow all night. Depending on how much light the question marks receive, anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes is typical. The good news is once the question marks glow begins to dim you can easily shine on a light on them to recharge them. Enjoy the glowing effect again and again!



We offer two different versions of this larger zombies Mystery Box. One version features sounds. Another, more economical silent version is also available.



The box with sounds plays two different versions of the classic zombies mystery box jingle.  One sound is the normal Mystery Box jingle that plays when the box opens. The other version is the Mystery Box jingle followed by the dreaded “teddy bear” laugh sound and Zombie “BYE BYE” that plays when the box relocates.

Sounds play automatically when the box is opened. They can also be cycled with the box opened by pressing a button. Every third open plays the Teddy Bear laugh version. Two opens in a row will be the normal Zombies Mystery Box jingle. The third open will result in the Teddy Bear “Bye Bye” sound.

Sound effects are powered by three AA or AAA batteries that are easily replaceable. Batteries are included with purchase.



These boxes are completed on an order by order basis. Each and every box is assembled, decorated and painted entirely by hand. This process takes time to complete.  The process involves many different layers of paint etc. that require ample time to dry between. Order time varies based on order volume and a variety of other factors. At times we may have to order parts or components. As a result, please allow a typical order lead time of approximately 3 weeks or 21 business days for your order to be completed and shipped out. Further delays, although rare, can and do occur from time to time. Delays during our Holiday shopping season (Sept-Jan) are much more common. Please note we’ll notify you via email in the unlikely even your order will take longer than normal to complete. If you’re on a tight deadline and require your order by a specific date please notify us or inquire before ordering to verify availability. We’ll do our best to accommodate  you if possible.


We offer free shipping to shipping destinations within the United States. Pricing on this item reflects this. Please note due to the size and weight, shipping these costs us anywhere from $15 to $50 depending on destination and delivery method.  Free shipping is valid ONLY to US shipping destinations. Free shipping will be via the carrier and service method of my choosing.



We do ship outside of the United States but we cannot do so for free. Due to their size and weight, shipping these boxes outside the United States is quite expensive. Feel free to contact us to request a shipping quote and an order total for international shipping. Be sure to provide the address or at least a country and or postal code so we can provide an accurate quote.

Please note International customers cannot purchase directly from this page since our system isn’t set up to process International orders. Any International orders placed from this page without contacting us first will be cancelled.




Please read this page carefully before ordering. This page provides many valuable details and offers answers to many common questions.



Large CoD Zombies Inspired Mystery Box WITH Sounds $144.99 With FREE U.S. Shipping



Large CoD Zombies Inspired Mystery Box WITHOUT Sounds. SILENT VERSION

$99.99 With FREE U.S. Shipping






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  1. good day. I would like to purchase the large version of the Mystery Box.
    Can you give me the cost of shipping to germany / in berlin call?!
    Best regards

    • Hi there! Thanks for the inquiry. We’ve sent a shipping quote to the email address provided. Thanks again!

    • Hi Maxime,
      Unfortunately we don’t share any information on the process used to age the wood etc. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  2. Hello, I ordered a large zombie box and I have been watching my email for any word about a delay but there has been nothing so I assumed all is well. This is to be a very special Christmas gift for my son in the Marines who spends a huge amount of time playing in the barracks. If you could please give me an update on my order I would appreciate it.

    • Hi Colleen! Thanks for your order. I’ve already replied via email but wanted to follow up here as well. Orders are taking a bit longer than normal due to the Holiday order rush. No worries however because your order will arrive well before Christmas. Thanks again for your order and please thank your son for his service!

    • We have shipped to Qatar and many other countries in the past. Unfortunately we cannot ship outside of the United States for free. The cost for shipping the large version to many countries outside of the U.S. can be quite high. Email us at to request an International shipping quote.

    • Hi Rachel! As communicated via email, your order will arrive well before Christmas. As stated previously, order volume is high due to the Holiday shopping season. You should have received a shipment notification email via PayPal. Your order shipped on 12/7 and USPS tracking info shows an expected delivery date of Monday 12/10/2018. Thanks again!


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