Real Life Handmade Call of Duty Inspired Zombies Mini Mystery Box With or Without Sounds

These boxes are made by hand and made to order. They require a lead time to complete and ship out. Please read the details on this page prior to ordering and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 5

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 6

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With or without Sounds 1

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 4

It’s no secret. Three of my favorite things are zombies, video games, and using my hands to make new and unusual things.  With just a plain wooden box and a spark of creative fuel (ok and some caffeine) I managed to find a way to combine all three.

I wanted to create a real life Call of Duty inspired mystery box for my son. With space at a premium and the thought of a large heavy wooden box to contend with as my main limiting factors I decided to start small.  What was born was this very cool mini mystery box that you can own too!

Each of these handmade zombie gifts starts life as a box constructed of bright new wood.  I then distress and age the wood and the shiny metal hardware so it looks used and abused like the box seen in the video game. I painstakingly paint and decorate it to closely resemble the Mystery Box seen in the Call of Duty World at War, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 video games.

Of course this box isn’t a life sized version. The outside dimensions of this real life “mini” mystery box measure approximately 14″ wide x 4″ tall and 4.5″ deep.

Looking for a bigger version? After many requests we’ve decided to offer a large handmade COD zombies mystery box. View the bigger version here.

This zombie mystery box sports fake “rusty metal hinges” on top, rope handles on both sides and stenciled markings and details as seen on the box in the actual video game. This real life box also features real metal hinges on the back and a metal clasp closure to keep it closed in the front. Once the box has been completed and painting is complete, everything is sealed with a couple coats of matte clear sealer to protect the box from dirt and moisture.

Two versions of the box are  currently available.

Silent Version Without Sounds:

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 3

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 2

This silent version is more economical while offering a little more storage height inside the box as well due to the fact there is no sound module hidden inside the box lid. In fact, you can actually store two wireless Xbox 360 controllers side by side inside this version! The back of the box does depress the left and right trigger buttons on the controller, but otherwise they fit safely and securely inside. What a fun and unique way to store and protect your Xbox 360 controllers!

Mystery Box With Sounds:  

This more expensive version of the mystery box that takes things a step further. The sound version actually plays the mystery box music or jingle as heard in the game whenever the box is opened!  Open the lid and the mystery box music plays. There’s a pause and then you hear that dreaded teddy bear laugh.

To see the Mystery Box with sounds in action, check out the video below:

The sound module is powered by a replaceable  9 volt battery which can be accessed behind the false panel in the lid that conceals the sound module, batteries and wires.

Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 9
Mystery Box With Sounds. Note the panel in the lid that conceals the sound module, battery and wiring and houses the activation switch.
Real Life Call of Duty Inspired Mini Mystery Box With Sounds 8
Mystery Box With Sounds with removable sound panel removed. Sounds are powered by a replaceable 9 volt battery. (Battery Included with purchase.)

Where to Buy:

This item is a handmade exclusive available only here and via our select distribution outlets.  You can purchase the mini mystery box using the buttons below.


  • Order Completion Time:

Please note these are completed entirely by hand on an order by order basis. Depending on order volume, please allow an average of 21 business days for your box to be completed and shipped. Your order will typically ship out faster than this but delays can and sometimes do occur, particularly during times of high order volume such as the holiday shopping season.  In the unlikely event your order will take significantly longer than 21 business days we will notify you as soon as possible.

  • Not a Toy:  While these are durable enough for everyday use and storage, it’s important to note these are made for display and aren’t intended to be a toy. Since these contain small parts and pieces that could theoretically come off, our Mystery Boxes are not intended or recommended for play or for children under the age of 8.
  • Each Item is Unique: Due to the handmade nature of these items, each one is unique and will have unique variations to color, design placement etc.
  • Design Revisions: We’re continually revising and improving the design so some minor details of your box may vary slightly from the photos shown here.
  • International Customers Outside of The United States:  Due to the rising costs of international shipping, free shipping is valid for US residents only. International customers outside of the United States must CONTACT US prior to ordering to obtain a shipping quote. This ensures we can credit you the typical value of free US shipping and charge you only our cost to ship to you. We’ll then email an invoice payable via PayPal.

Buy the Mystery Box WITH Sounds ($69.99 + FREE U.S. SHIPPING):

Click the button below to order here via Paypal. (Paypal account NOT necessary). Please note International customers MUST contact us prior to ordering to obtain a shipping quote as we can cannot ship International orders for free.

Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box for Sale Buy Now Button PayPal

Call of Duty Zombies Mystery Box for Sale Buy Now Button PayPal

Mystery Box WITHOUT Sound Module ($49.99 + FREE U.S. SHIPPING): 

Click the button below to order  the silent version here via Paypal. (A Paypal account is NOT necessary)



62 thoughts on “Real Life Handmade Call of Duty Inspired Zombies Mini Mystery Box With or Without Sounds”

  1. I’m a huge fan of cod zombies!
    Please, can you ship to Brazil?
    I’ll pay the charges and taxes of course…

  2. Hi!! I ordered a box on the 11th. I don’t mean to rush such great work. I was just wondering since I can’t track it if u think it will be ready by Xmas. Thanks and great box!

    • Hi Gerilynn,
      If you order this weekend we should be able to get one finished and shipped out by Christmas. This is, of course, assuming we’re shipping to the U.S. For many international destinations outside of the U.S. I’m afraid it’s probably too late. Get your order in by 12:00 am EST 12/15/2014 and we’ll get it shipped out in time.

    • Hi Bailey! We’re more than happy to ship to Australia but we can’t do it for free due to the additional expense. We do credit you with the typical value of free US shipping and charge you the difference. Contact us at with your postal code and I can get you a shipping quote. Thanks for the kind words!

    • Hi there! Normally one to two weeks for completion and once they ship out they usually arrive to destinations within the US in about 2-3 business days. Completion time at the moment is around 3-4 weeks due to high demand and order volume. If you have a need for this by a certain date email us to discuss options and we’ll see what we can do.

  3. I ordered The Mystery box with sounds about three weeks ago and still haven’t gotten it, I’m a little worried. Is there a delay???

    • Hi Noah. Yes there is a slight delay due to order volume. An email went out to all purchasers back on the 5th explaining the new order completion time frames.. I double checked and your email address was on the list of emails that went out. Check your spam box/junk box/ or “Promotions” tab if you didn’t receive the email. Basically it breaks down to orders placed between July 14th, 2015 and July 28th will be shipped out in the next 10 days or so. Your order was on the 18th and is actually being wrapped up in the next few days. It should ship out by the end of the week. You’ll receive a shipment notification email complete with tracking information when your order ships out.

      As stated in the email, if the slightly extended order time frame doesn’t meet your needs just email us and request a refund. Thanks again!

  4. If i order mines at the 2nd or 3rd of this month, I’m just wondering when may i get my Mystery Box with Sounds its been a long time and I’m worried if its been sent to a wrong place or stolen or something.

    • Hi there! As updated in the product description, and as relayed to you via email on the 5th and the 8th of this month: these are taking about 3-4 weeks to complete and ship out due to high order volume. These are completed by hand on an order by order basis. First come first served. I simply go down the list and make them as fast as possible. I know . . . I hate to wait for orders too. Unfortunately there is only so fast orders can be filled with a product made entirely by hand.

      I know in my response to your email I sent back on the 8th I informed you we should be caught up with recent orders and have them all shipped by the end of the month. That timeline still stands! Your box should be shipping out within the next week to 10 days. (I have a batch going out at the beginning and end of this week)

      No worries about the shipment being lost or stolen. You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email complete with tracking information when your order ships so you can track the shipment.

      Thanks for your patience and understanding!

    • Woohoo! Glad it arrived safely. It should be the same basic dimensions as the box featured in the videos. I think my giant fat man hands make it look smaller than it is maybe? 😉

    • Hi Mariyln,
      I know we’ve responded to your email regarding this question but I wanted to follow up here as well. Due to the start of the Holiday shopping season, orders for these will likely take around 2-3 weeks to complete and ship out. Thanks!

    • Hi Michael,
      Due to high order volumes we’re cutting it close. I can’t promise/guarantee anything but if you place your order in the next 24 hours I’ll do my best to make it happen if at all possible!

  5. Hi there, just came across you’re YouTube tutorial on the mini sound mystery box and my son has been raving about a replica mystery box, I was wondering if I ordered by this evening would it arrive in time for Christmas ? I am located in Antioch,CA.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi Veronica,
      Unfortunately we’ve reached our cap on Holiday orders for these for the 2015 season. I’m afraid we’re out of time and supplies so making one in time for Christmas delivery to CA isn’t possible. If you’re still interested in a box for delivery after Christmas shoot me an email over at within the next week or so and I’d be happy to offer you a small discount for your patience and understanding!

  6. Hi Shannon,
    You ordered just after our holiday order cutoff date. We were closed for a week around the holidays after your order. We’re coming up on the average order completion time of 21 business days quoted here on the site. Your box should be shipped out within the next 3-5 business days. I apologize for the delay but we’ve had a run of orders even after the Christmas shopping season and some supplies have been on backorder due to the demand. These boxes typically ship out via USPS Priority mail and should arrive within 2-3 business days after shipping. Once shipped you’ll receive a shipping notification email complete with a tracking number. Of course if none of this meets your needs just shoot me an email at and I can cancel the order and issue a full refund.

    Since you’ve posted several similar comments under a few different names in the past couple days I’ve gone ahead and removed the redundant comments and used this one for our reply. Thanks again for the order and I appreciate your patience and understanding!

      • Hi Amanda. I believe we’ve already squared this away via email but I wanted to follow up here. We were still waiting on you to reply to the multiple emails we’ve sent and contact attempts we’ve made regarding international shipping. As clearly stated here, we cannot ship outside of The United States for free. Many times the International shipping fee is half the cost of the box or even exceeds the cost for the box depending on shipping carrier and speed. Unfortunately you placed an International without contacting us first to obtain a shipping total. In these instances we have to either cancel the order or contact the customer and wait for a response.

        I believe you responded to our email on 5/15/2016 and we have sent a PayPal invoice. We’ve credited you the typical value of free U.S. shipping and invoiced you the $12.75 USD fee for USPS First Class International shipping as requested. Once the invoice has been paid we can go forward with the order. Delivery time for USPS First Class international “varies by destination” but in our experience it typically arrives within 7-21 days.

          • Hi Amanda,
            I suspect you’ve already received the shipment or will shortly. You can track your shipment by entering your tracking number at the USPS site. ( The tracking info was provided via a PayPal email and an email from us when your order shipped. I checked on your shipment and the tracking information shows this left the US on June 30th and was scanned in in Melbourne, Australia on July 2nd. It shows as processing through an additional sort facility in Australia on July 3rd at 11:12 am. This is all the information I have at this point but I’m assuming it is in transit to the final delivery destination if it hasn’t arrived already!

      • I’ve responded to your emails already but I wanted to follow up here for others following along. I know there was an issue with the additional International shipping fee invoice needing paid before we completed your order and shipped. You’ve been updated with shipment info and tracking information so you should be good to go! Thanks again!

    • Hi Jose,
      Yes. Two PS4 controllers should fit side by side in the version without sounds. The version with sounds can’t be closed with controllers inside because of the reduced height inside.

    • Unfortunately game cases won’t fit with the box closed. The overall height is too short. We’ve received quite a few requests for a larger version so we’re working one that can store game cases without increasing the price or shipping costs too much.

    • We’ve shipped to the UK many times. Your shipping costs via the most economical method will likely be around $13 to $15 USD. This would be in addition to the cost of the product listed here. If you’d like to discuss an order in greater detail feel free to email us at with your postal code and details on which box you’d like. We’ll take it from there!

  7. Hello just wanted to see if I might get my box before Christmas I did order it on the 1st of December.. just wanted an update since there is no Package tracker

    • Yes you’re all set for Christmas delivery. Tracking information will be provided via email and PayPal once your order ships. Thanks again!

    • Just wanted to follow up. I see your box was delivered in plenty of time for Christmas on 12/22/2017. Thanks again and I’m glad to see it arrived as promised. Happy Holidays!

    • Hi Birchy! Yes. We’ve shipped these to Australia many times over the years, but due to shipping costs we can’t do so for free. We typically credit International customers the value of free U.S. shipping. Shoot an email over to us at if you decide to purchase. We’ll provide a quote including shipping and can issue an invoice via PayPal when you’re ready to purchase.

  8. Hi! I am interested in buying the mystery box. I sent an email previously but haven’t had a response. I was hoping to order soon and if you are still posting to the UK?

    Kind regards, Ed.

    • Edward,
      We replied to your email a few hours after receiving it. Be sure to check you spam/junk inbox if you have’t received. We do still make and sell these and we have sent them to the UK many times. We’ve provided details on shipping costs to the UK in our email. Thanks!

  9. Hi! I am interested in buying a mystery box with sounds. Are you guys still selling this product and if I buy one, will it arrive before Christmas? Thanks! The boxes look awesome!

    • Paul,
      We’ve responded to your email but I wanted to follow up here as well. We’re absolutely still making and selling these. Although we’ve got quite a backlog of Holiday orders, if you order within the next week getting it completed and shipped in time for Christmas should be no problem. (Assuming we’d be shipping to the United States of course.)



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