Wishpets Plush Zombie Toy

Let’s be real. Zombies aren’t known for being cute, cuddly or non-threatening. Fortunately that isn’t the case when it is a Wishpets Plush zombie toy! Wishpets are adorable plush toys that are huggable, adorable and luxuriously soft. Zombies you can cuddle up with don’t come around often. When they do, you need to snatch one up for yourself and your loved ones.

Plush zombie toy featuring tattered pants and playful wounds

Wishpets Plush Zombie Toy

This plush zombie toy features a fun and non scary zombiefied look. This guy has been around the block a few times throughout the apocalypse, but that only makes us love him more. This plush zombie toy features a couple flesh wounds and more. His right hand is stitched up. His left arm and torso are pretty much just bones at this point. Does that bother us? No. Does that slow him down? No! He keeps right on going and we love him for it!

Tattered and dirty clothing and a cute face with adorable different sized eyes and a fun and playful mouth finish off the kooky undead look. It all just makes you want to squeeze him in a big bear hug!

Recommended for ages 12 months and up, this zombie stuffed animal is the perfect gift for young and old alike. Click the image, button, or link(s) here to check current pricing and availability at amazon and more.

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