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Zombie Plush Toys

Looking for some of the best Zombie plush toys offered on the web? We’ve gathered up some of the most unique zombie plush toys, zombie plushies and zombie stuffed animals you’ll ever find in one spot!

If you’re looking for a unique and affordable zombie gift, zombie plush toys are the perfect answer. They are perfect for zombie fans of nearly any age and who doesn’t like cuddling up with a plus zombie?

Pusheen Zombie Plush Stuffed Cat

Pusheen Zombie Plush – Pusheen The Cat

Pusheen the Cat is a lovable gray tabby cat that delights millions of fans in her webcomic. She enjoys snacks, cuddles and playing dress-up. If she wasn’t cute enough already she’s now an adorably terrifying zombie! Pusheen is ready for Halloween in soft, squishy and cuddly plush form thanks to GUND. Check out the awesome […]
Zombie Gifts Vermont Teddy Bear

Zombie Teddy Bear from Vermont Teddy Bear

Zombie Teddy Bear From Vermont Teddy Bear Are you searching for the perfect and adorable way to show that special someone how much they mean to you? This beautiful zombie themed teddy bear from Vermont Teddy Bear is the perfect solution. This stunning plush zombie teddy bear features a variety of funny zombie touches sure […]
Zombie Scarf Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush Toy Zombie Gift

Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush

Zombie Entrails Scarf Plush Part Zombie. Part Scarf. All fun! Whether it’s cold weather or a zombie apocalypse you’ll need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. There’s no reason you can’t do it in adorable zombie style. This plush zombie toy serves double duty. At first glance it is a 9 inch plush zombie toy. […]
zombie gift my first plush zombie toy

My First Zombie Plush Toy

My First Zombie Plush Toy It is inevitable: the zombie apocalypse is coming. It’s not a matter of if . . . just when. It’s never too early to prepare your little one for the z-poc. My first zombie plush toy is an adorable way to do just that. This cute and cuddly plush zombie […]
Zombie keychain plush key chain toy

Zombie Plush Key Chain

Plush Zombie Keychain Protect your car keys, decorate your backpack or purse, or just enjoy playing with your new plush zombie friend. This plush zombie key chain measures approximately 4 inches tall. This adorable zombie gift is cute enough for kids ages 8 and up, while still being gross and gruesome enough to satisfy older […]

Plush Zombie Toys – Valentine’s Day/Love

Zombie Plush Love Toys Tell them how much they mean to you with one of these adorable plush zombie toys. Each soft 8.5 inch zombie toy is constructed of 100% blue polyester fabric with soft poly-fiber fill. The feet are filled with plastic pellets to help this cute zombie plushie stand. The eyes of our […]
Plush zombie dog Zombie Dog Plush Toy

Zombie Dog Plush Toy – Stuffed Zombie Dog

  Zombie Dog Stuffed Plush Toy   You can’t teach an old zombie dog new tricks. Sit? Forget it! Roll over? Not likely. Play Dead? Ok…you got me. So you CAN teach this adorable plush zombie dog one trick! This zombie dog stuffed animal is the perfect combination of cuddly and decayed. He’s zombified enough […]

ZOMs First Edition Horace Stuffed Zombie Toy

First Edition Horace Zom Zombie Designer Plush by Artist Rick Marson   Be one of 1,000 lucky individuals to own a first edition Horace Zoms stuffed toy!  Horace is an adorable and cuddly stuffed zombie toy measuring about 13″ by 12″ by 4″. He’s not only soft and huggable, he’s a limited edition Zoms collectible […]

The Walking Dead Plush Toy: Bicycle Girl – Pop! Plush

  The Walking Dead Bicycle Girl Pop! Plush Toy Bicycle girl will always hold a special spot in our hearts.  She’s the first zombie Rick Grimes encounters in the TV show and one of the very first he meets in the comic.  This awesome zombie gift is modeled after the character in the TV show. […]

The Walking Dead Well Zombie Plush Toy – Pop! Plush Toy

The Walking Dead Well Zombie Plush Toy – Pop! Plush The Walking Dead Toy The folks at Funko! (the same ones who make the awesome Pop! Vinyl figures) have brought some of the popular The Walking Dead zombies too “life” in cute and cuddly plush toy form. The Well Zombie is a beloved zombie from […]

The Walking Dead Rick Grimes Pop! Plush Toy

  Sheriff Rick Grimes Pop! Plush The Walking Dead Toy   Sheriff Rick was a kinder, gentler Rick Grimes.  Now you can cuddle up with that Rick Grimes in adorable plush toy form.  This Pop! plush toy from Funko! measures about 7″ tall and is modeled after Andrew Lincoln’s character on the TV show.  This […]

Daryl Dixon Pop! Plush – The Walking Dead Plush Toy

  Daryl Dixon Pop! Plush Toy News flash ladies: I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this adorable little guy is probably the closest you will ever come to snuggling up in bed with Daryl Dixon.  (Don’t shoot the messenger). This officially licensed The Walking Dead plush toy is cute, cuddly and collectible. […]

Zombiez Plush Dog Toys from Go Dog

Go Dog Plush Zombiez You want your beloved dog to have fun. You also need to train man’s best friend for Z-Day. When zombies roam the earth you can’t have fluffy second guessing himself. You need him to leap into action if it means saving your life. One of these Zombiez dog toys is the […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Zombie Rocker Toy

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Guitar Boy This adorable plush zombie toy is sure to please zombie fans of any age. This zombie stuffed animal is clearly a rocker at heart. He features a shirt with a guitar, a punk blue streak in his hair, star eye makeup and even a lightning bolt tattoo. […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Plush Skateboard Boy

Zombie Plush Toy- Gund Zombie Skateboard Boy Stuffed Animal Do you want to cuddle up with a zombie but you’re fearful of being bitten? Zombie plush toys and zombie stuffed animals are the perfect answer! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a zombie plushie this cute? This stuffed zombie toy is a skateboard boy. […]

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Peace Zombie Boy Plush Toy

Zombie Plush Toy – Gund Gunderground Peace Boy Zombie Plush Toy Zombies aren’t normally cute and cuddly, but THIS plush zombie toy sure is. This plush zombie toy features a hippie zombie boy in all his plush zombie glory. Maybe the zombie apocalypse will be much more peaceful than we originally anticipated? One thing we […]